Sci Fi Weekender

28th Feb – 3rd March

I shall be there from the Thursday onwards. I’m on a panel on Friday (Here Come the Girls, 1-2pm), closely followed by a signing at at the Forbidden Planet stall. Even if you don’t want a book signed, come and say hi!

My First Book Signing!

So, yesterday I had my first signing at Forbidden Planet in London. It was nerve racking (I did a reading too – eek! I kept wanting to edit the sentences as I went….) but ultimately a lot of fun.

Thankfully, I wasn’t playing to an empty room, as several of my writer’s group (the T Party) came along, as well as a few Fantasy Factioneers, and the lovely Benedict Jacka as well as a few more.

So I did my reading – my family decided not to stand around making me nervous, and then got caught up browsing the graphic novel section, thus deserting me in my hour of need. Swine! I then had some people come and get books signed. I even signed some for some people I didn’t know! Pretty sure I only spelled my name wrong the once….and like a numpty, totally forgot to take any photos!

And so for drinkies, with several of the above mentioned, and my editor Anna, and a fun evening gabbing about books, films, games, you name it.

For those of you who made it, thanks! For those of you who couldn’t, maybe next time.

Signing at Forbidden Planet, London

As the title suggests, I’ll be signing at Forbidden Planet in London on 21st February, 6 pm. Come and say hi!