Updated Radio Appearance

Due to me wheezing like a dying bellows, the last radio appearance was postponed. Now I have my voice back, I’ll be on Southern Counties at 2pm on 2nd April.

Fantasy in the Court

Goldsboro books are holding a Fantasy in the Court event on Thursday 28th March. Lots of authors on hand to sign books! Including me, as it happens.

Details are here. Come along if you can!

Where to find me at Eastercon

So the schedule is up (here)

And you can find me at:

D├ębut Authors Friday 6pm
Fantasy get together (signing) Friday 7pm
Best Books of 2012 Saturday 7pm
Revolutionary Fantasy (Pitchforks optional) Sunday 5pm

Come and say hi!

Last to Rise

And here is the cover!

 photo lasttorisefinal_zps7f2593b5.jpg

Radio, Radio

On the 12th of March, everyone in range should be able to hear my dulcet tones (or rather the crackle of my hideous voice if this flu doesn’t go away). I’ll be on Southern Counties radio (BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey), 2pm. If I make an idiot of myself, try not to laugh too hard.