The End is Nigh – Last to Rise is released

The end of the Rojan Dizon series anyway. The last book, Last to Rise, is released today.

Some people have said some nice things about it.

“a profoundly moving conclusion that is both unexpected and entirely satisfying” – Publishers Weekly

“proceed with all haste to this book and devour it immediately. It’s powerfully written, with a beautifully realized dystopian world and some thoroughly engaging characters” – Booklist

“Are you sure you wrote this? Because it’s quite good.” The Old Man

This series has been an utter blast to write. I’ve have a lot of fun getting into the head of someone so unlike me, and wallowing in snark. But this particular story is at an end, so I shall wave it off with a wistful hanky and misty eyes.

No more salivating over bacon, no more dislocating thumbs or snarling at life in general. No more Rojan or Mahala, city of hope and despair. For now….

If you want to buy it, I won’t dissuade you. You can do so here (US) (UK)