#womentoread a response to trolls

So after reading this, which boggles my tiny little mind, and in particular response to the pathetic little trolls who wrote the emails at the end (note, may be triggery), here I’m going to write a list of women SFF writers I have read and loved. It won’t be comprehensive, because I’m pretty damned cross about now, so it’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I know there’s plenty more I haven’t got to yet as well (I really must read that Laura Lam for instance), and I’m pretty sure I’ve neglected a few I really should have remembered.

So, in addition to the previously mentioned women who write bloody good SFF, in no particular order I give you:

Mary Shelley
Anne McCaffrey
Tanith Lee
Frances Hardinge
Gaie Sebold
Juliet E McKenna
Andre Norton
Jaine Fenn
Aliette De Bodard
Octavia Butler
JK Rowling
NK Jemisin
Kate Griffin
Stacia Kane
Elizabeth Hand
Elizabeth Bear
Elizabeth Moon
Anne Lyle
Robin Hobb/Megan Lindholm
Lauren Beukes
Gail Carriger
Diana Wynn Jones
Nnedi Okarafor
Julian May
Patrice Sarath

If I actually had a trawl through the towering pile that is my bookshelves, I could easily double that.

Yes, women can write good SFF and it’s ridiculous to suggest that writing a damn good speculative fiction depends on your plumbing. So ridiculous I thought it didn’t need to be said, but obviously I was wrong.

Go on, go and try a new female SFF writer today!

ETA: If you want a little help, Worlds Without End has a reading challenge re female SFF writers.

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  • You missed Patrice Sarath off your list

  • I knew I’d forget someone! Will add her in now.

  • I discovered an Australian writer named Glenda Larke a while back. I enjoyed her Isles of Glory and Stormlords trilogies.

  • father!!) and Barry Malzberg spent a whole issue discussing women writers and their attractiveness – like were they “beauty pageant beautiful” or a “knock outs”. (Source: E. Catherine Tobler ) Ouch.

  • Yes, I know an unpopular topic, but just wondering. See, it’s reported that 54% of writers are women. (Ted talk on love and cheating http://www.ted.com/talks/helen_fisher_tells_us_why_we_love_cheat.html <–buried and older talk, so numbers have likely changed..) And going to the bookstore recently, I noticed that the porportion of female writers in fantasy, at least, has shot up since I’ve been there, which was about 2-3 years ago (harder to go with the bookstore closures). (Though not all writers were represented). The largest streaks in the bookshelves were women–i.e. had the most books shelved at one time. Laura K. Hamilton and mostly Sookie Stackhouse books. (Damia and The Rowan got new covers from Anne McCaffrey to follow current trends. Rabbithole, but I’m not exactly a fan of the new cover type.) Despite the large percentage of women authors (no hard count), I also noticed that women authors were shelved even if they weren’t in paranormal romance/fantasy, and that percentage by eyeballing seemed higher as well. (Newbie female authors I didn’t know). Oh and the majority of the writers on Nanowrimo are overwhelmingly female. (This, by survey) with the majority writing fantasy. Given that, I wonder if anyone has an estimate of women v. men *authors* in Science Fiction and Fantasy with hard numbers. Currently publishing… or at least being promoted/shelved. The question came up before… but it’s worth asking if someone has the numbers. Be nice if it was split between Fantasy and Science Fiction. Just curious. Nothing political about it.

  • Narrowing the list down for those honorable mentions was really tough. Really tough. But you know what’s easy? Naming five women who are such amazing writers that if they keep writing, it’s just a matter of time before they top all the lists. These are the people where you read a novel of theirs and it’s like this huge revelation. Whoa. That’s how it’s done.

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