#womentoread Ursula Le Guin

To be honest I probably don’t need to say any more than that, do I? But I will.

Ursula Le Guin is one of the very rare writers that does both of two important things for me — she makes me feel, and she makes me think. Her characters are so alive to me, I care what happens to them, a lot. I get caught up in their highs and lows, in their dangers and comfort moments and inner revelations. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been known to sniffle once or twice. But her greatest asset is to make me think, in a highly accessible way. Not to put too fine a point on it, I always come away from her stories a different person, and I think that’s what many, many authors (if not all) want to do — change someone’s life.

You should go read some, right now. Go on, shoo!

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  • When I was getting near college age, my father talked with me about getting a ‘salable skill’ — learning a trade that I could live on. Because most writers don’t earn enough from writing to buy catfood, this was wise advice. I loved languages, so I went into French and Italian literature in college, and went on for higher degrees that would qualify me to teach.

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